For Employers

CRN is your partner to harness the untapped labour potential!

At CRN we are keen to build links with our business communities and we have a variety of partnerships on offer for you. 

CRN will serve is a platform for members to actively share knowledge and experiences on returnship programmes. With your membership you also support the expansion of returnship programmes in Switzerland as an effective mechanism to reintegrate women and men into the labour market. The network is transparent and members have the opportunity to connect with each other. Furthermore, as a member you benefit from attractive offers as well as exclusive accesses to research studies and/or special offers from CRN partners.  You can also benefit from an exchange of experiences between the members. 

Some of the benefits will include:

Knowledge Transfer and Exchange

One of our primary objectives is to create a platform to share knowledge.  As a participating company you will be able to:

  • participate in workshops and other events organised by our competence center 
  • have access to best practice cases and success models aimed at integrating returners into the workplace 
  • exchange knowledge with other companies implementing similar programmes 

Access to Talent Pool

Our team will serve as a bridge between employers and potential returners through numerous online and offline possibilities. 

Community and Networking

Our mission is to assist companies to create returnship programmes across Switzerland and to empower the thousands of women and men who are on voluntary career breaks to return to the labour market. By becoming a member you are joining a community of like-minded individuals.  Most important of all, you will be making a valuable contribution towards helping thousands of women and men to rejoin the workforce, closing the existing skills gap and helping to grow the talent pool of the future.

Consultancy Services

Our team will offer advisory support to set up a returnship programme.  This will include working with HR Managers to design the most suitable type of programme based on your company’s needs. You will have access to our Toolkit which outlines the most important steps for successful implementation.

We will provide in-house training and coaching to HR, Line Managers and company employees. Contact the Project Team for a free consultation.