For Employers


Our team will offer advisory support to set up a returnship programme.  This will include working with HR Managers to design the most suitable type of programme based on your company’s needs.

You will have access to our Toolkit which outlines the most important steps for successful implementation.


Successful implementation requires that managers understand the business case so that they can promote the returner programme internally and externally.

We will provide in-house training to HR and Line Managers.

Knowledge Transfer and Exchange

One of our primary objectives is to create a platform to share knowledge.  As a participating company you will be able to:

  • participate in workshops and other events organised by our competence center 
  • have access to best practice cases and success models aimed at integrating returners into the workplace 
  • exchange knowledge with other companies implementing similar programmes 

Access to Talent Pool

Our team will serve as a bridge between employers and the pool of potential returners.  We are working closely with various women’s networks both local and international.

If your company would like to exchange valuable input with other company representatives and experts in order to develop a returnship programme and at the same time benefit from it, take part in the Stakeholder Workshop on May 20th 2019 or contact us without any obligation.