About CRN.

As a follow up to the project Professional Returnships Programme, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts is founding an association for returnships on January 1st, 2020. The Companies & Returners Network (CRN), founded by lecturers from the Lucerne School of Business, is aimed at large companies, SMEs and individuals who have voluntarily taken a career break due to family commitments and would like to return to the job market. CRN sees itself as a sparring partner for companies, organisations and returners. In this regard, the association connects and supports employers in the introduction, implementation and evaluation of returnship programmes. Similarly, the association connects and supports women and men who – after a family-related career break – want to re-enter the labour market. 

CRN is the first professional, non-profit service in Switzerland, supported by the Federal Office for Gender Equality (FOGE), established to assist employers in setting up and implementing returnship programmes and to serve as a central platform bringing together employers and returners to actively interact on the topic online and offline. Funding to support the work of CRN will come from membership fees, sponsors and from the Federal Government through October 2020.

Purpose of the Association

The association has the following purposes:

  • to support companies in the introduction, implementation and evaluation of effective returnship programmes;
  • to raise awareness about the value of creating returnship programmes to promote the reintegration of women and men into the workforce;
  • to build know-how and exchange knowledge through the organisation of seminars, workshops, events and by conducting studies in partnership with the Lucerne Business School;
  • to advice and support through a range of services women and men on their re-entry to the workforce path;
  • to create a community of returners and potential returners to exchange experience, network and provide support to one another.

The ultimate aim of the Companies & Returners Network – CRN is to support companies in harnessing untapped labour potential and bring skilled workers back into the labour market.

We create opportunities to reintegrate women and men into the workforce!